Tangerine Albino Ocellaris Clownfish

Tangerine Albino Ocellaris Clownfish

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Aquacultured Clownfish from Sea and Reef

The Tangerine Albino Clownfish is considered albino because they are hypo-melanistic, meaning there is a reduction or lack of black pigment. A normal Ocellaris Clownfish black pigment between the white and orange stripes. Due to a mutation, the Tangerine Albino Clownfish do not have black pigment between the stripes. This gives the Tangerine Albino Clownfish a unique and different look. The black pigment is also strongly reduced in the fins. The fact that some black pigment is still present in the fins and eyes suggests that the mutation did not destroy the melanin synthesis pathway completely. Nevertheless, the Tangerine Albino Ocellaris Clownfish is considered an albino clownfish. The greatly reduced black pigment makes them very distinct from the regular Ocellaris Clownfish.

Care Level Easy
Temperament Peaceful
Diet Omnivore
Reef Safe Yes
Water Parameters
Salinity 1.023-1.026
Temperature 72-78° F
dKH 8-12


Max Size


Minimum Tank Size

20 gal

This fish has gone through our two week quarantine process. To see details click here

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