Reefer Max 200 G2+ Complete Aquarium Setup (53 Gal)
Reefer Max 200 G2+ Complete Aquarium Setup (53 Gal)

Reefer Max 200 G2+ Complete Aquarium Setup (53 Gal)

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The premium REEFER MAX series combines the superior infrastructure of the REEFER G2+ with a full REEF-SPEC® package, providing you with everything you need for a thriving reef.

The REEFER MAX systems are available in a huge variety of sizes (170L/45gal – 1000L/264gal), with room-divider Peninsula models and premium S models, and include all our smart lighting, filtration and circulation devices, so you can enjoy the full Red Sea ecosystem experience, operate every aspect via your ReefBeat App, and be at ease knowing that all the essential equipment is included, compatible and at the best possible price.


Total system water volume 52.8 gal
Display tank water vol.

41.7 gal
In-Cabinet sump water vol. 11 gal
Display tank length
Display tank height (excluding light)
Total system height  20.9"
Ultra-clear front glass 0.39"
Ultra-clear side glass 0.47"
Bottom glass 0.39"
ReefLED advanced light system 1 x ReefLED 90 - included
Water circulation 1 x ReefWave25 (1,980 gph) linear wave pumps -included
Main system pump 1 x ReefRun 5500 (530-1450 gph) - included
Protien skimmer RSK DC 300 (Water flow 265 gph, air flow 130 gph) - included 
ReefMat ReefMat 500 included
Slide out control panel Slide-out control panel 5 included 


Max-E tanks now include Red Sea ReefLED 90 Lights

Over the past few years Red Sea has a lot of time dedicated to testing and researching LED lighting, and the culmination of those efforts led them to the ReefLED 90. Designed for optimal growth while producing great coloration with a pleasant shimmer effect. Red Sea didn't just stop with great function and form, they integrated the control of the light into the ReefBeat smart aquarium app. The ReefLED 90's built-in WiFi lets you directly connect the light to your smart device to set the daily schedule, color, intensity, and other features. Every Max-E Aquarium Kit includes the ReefLED lights along with the appropriate amount of mounting arms.

Ultra Clear Glass

Standard glass can "wash" out colors because of a small percentage of iron in all glass making it have a slight yellowing appearance. Red Sea uses an Ultra Clear beveled edge glass that has a low iron content allowing you to see the true color of your fish and coral without having any color distortion. The 12mm thick front glass lets Red Sea produce a rimless tank without the need for any ugly bracing. 

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