Coral Cutter Curved - BRS

Coral Cutter Curved - BRS

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Add this to your coral propagation kit for those mature sps colonies. These are technically called Plastic Nipper Cow Horn Jaws. We've found these to be especially useful for fragging larger colonies of branching sps like Acropora.


The large curved blades have gripping teeth on one side and the jaws open up wide enough to wrap around larger branches than normal bone cutters could handle. While the blades don't fully close in the center, we've found the added cutting power of the thick blades and long handle to provide the leverage needed to snap off larger branches of Acropora where we'd be nipping repeatedly with a smaller bone cutter to get through. This delivers a cleaner cut with less effort.

  • 7.5" Long
  • Stainless Steel

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