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Mo-vember Series

Mo-vember Series

Jennifer Wanner |

Welcome to New Wave Aquaria's
Are you frustrated with your Aquarium?
 Does it seem like one week your aquarium is going swimmingly
and then BAM, it's covered in algae?
Well don't give up!
We will be covering everything you need to know to deal with
New Tank Problems and beat Old Tank Syndrome.
Our Mo-vember Series occurs every year during the month of November.
Get tons of information about balancing and maintaining your tank, treating pest algae, and take advantage of all the exciting products we have on sale.
Check out what's to come!
week one
The Battle of Balance: New Tank Problems and Old Tank Syndrome
basic water chemistry and maintenance
week two
Magic Box of Water
salt, water, and water management systems
week three
Pest Algae: what will eat , how to treat, and ways to beat
Clean up crews and filtration
week four
Poor Coral Growth, Color, and Recession
advanced water testing, dosing, and feeding your corals

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