Tyree Brick Red Cyphastrea - WYSIWYG

Tyree Brick Red Cyphastrea - WYSIWYG

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Cyphastrea corals have been around the hobby for quite some time now. Their popularity has been a roller coaster so when you see a certain color morph that has been available for some time, you know it's for a good reason. The Tyree Brick Red Cyphastrea is no exception.

This coral features a bright red/orange base that transitions into even brighter polyps. It can be a very quick grower if given the right conditions and will grow to encrust virtually anything you put it on. It loves low light and low flow which makes it the perfect candidate for darker gaps and crevices in your aquascape.

Light Low
Flow Low
Placement Bottom 3rd of your reef
Recommended PAR 100-150
Growth Type Encrusting

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