NWA Acro Collector Frag Pack

NWA Acro Collector Frag Pack

$270.00 $297.00

Get the best of the best with any of our Acro Collector Frag Packs!

No matter if you are a beginner reefer wanting to try Acros or an experienced reefer wanting to add the most popular collector Acros to your tank, this is the Pack for you.

Choose from our 3 pack, 5 pack, or High End 10 pack and save big.

The picture is a sampling of the Acros our experts will pick from to create your packs. 

Mother of Pearl

Blueberry Tort

RR My Sunshine

PC Rainbow

Strawberry Shortcake

RR Full Prism

Red Dragon

Golden Rod

RR Phantom Menace

NWA Sugar and Spice

NWA Lady in Pink

Battlecorals Joker 2.0

RR Rainbow Blossom

Hazard Ahead

WWC Dippin Dots

NWA Green Peach


High light and flow is a MUST for this coral. Place it at the top of your tank with direct flow.