Microbacter QuikCycl 125 mL - Brightwell Aquatics

Microbacter QuikCycl 125 mL - Brightwell Aquatics

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Professional nutrients for fishless cycling and establishing strong nitrifying bacteria beds in freshwater and marine aquariums.

Not your average ammonia source for starting the nitrogen cycle. Brightwell Aquatics MicroBacter QuickCycl contains the right strength of ammonium chloride along with balanced phosphates and nitrates to feed the bacteria that work to cycle a tank. This product is ideal for use with Microbacter Start XLM, and will provide the food source required for the bacteria to properly cycle the aquarium.

Fishless cycling is a far superior method of cycling an aquarium, as it does not risk any livestock and provides a consistent and controlled source of nutrients for the bacteria. A successful cycle also depends on regular testing of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate to determine progress. We recommend having all of these tests on hand prior to starting your cycle.

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